About Us

        Having access to several breeding programs, along with its expertise in selecting successful cultivars for different markets, Cronus Seeds screens its varieties in more than seven different locations in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa.

        Crossing performance information between all seven locations, help Cronus Seeds better understand each cultivar.


        After cleaning, sorting and grading the seeds, we insist on providing our products with the latest and most appropriate seed  treatment.

        Working closely with leading Seed Technology companies worldwide, we try to maximize the performance of our seed right from the start, through proper seed coating, pelleting and seed enhancement.


        At Cronus Seeds we strive to supply our customers with high quality seeds. Field grow-outs and continuous laboratory tests help us determine the:

  • Hybrid Purity of the variety.

  • Germination of the seed.

  • Seed health.

  • Seed vigor.

We proudly follow the ISTA international rules for seed testing.

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